Ableton Live Mac Clicking Weird


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So it seems through the upgrade (8.1.1) process some fairly important workflow commands have been stuffed up.
I cannot right click with the mouse on a channel or selection of channels and delete them. Nothing happens. I have to select the channel and hit the delete key on a keyboard. Also the same when you right click on a clip to delete. Not a massive deal, although very annoying. If this simple thing is broken, what else is broken?
Checked this on a friends machine and its exactly the same.
AbletonAbleton live mac crackWorries me that the ableton testing process isn't very strong at the moment. We've had a plethora of updates in the last couple of months, all with their own little issues.

Ableton Live Mac Clicking Weird Sound

We invest a great deal of time into Ableton Live and although I love it, these types of things do not help to give a sense of security.

Ableton Live Mac Clicking Weird Game

Ableton Live 9 Mac Torrent

Interested in others views on this. Also on Ableton's take. QA needs to be improved as far as i'm concerned.
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