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I bought a M-audio keyboard for the kids at Xmas, not knowing it needed ableton to make it work.

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I've dowloaded ableton, and for the past 6 weeks I've been trying to figure out what I'm supposed to do with it.

Alternative Zu Ableton Live Mac Torrent

6 weeks on and I still haven't heard the keyboard make a sound,

Ableton Live Mac Torrent

I've tried watching tutorials, but they are all very vague and assume that you already know all about it.
even the begginers quide to ableton reqires a nasa degree to understand it.
even just trying to listen to guy who's head's all over the place gives me a headache.
so I've given up, and now seek an easier to use alternative.
without being biased towards ableton,
what are the alternatives?
29th May 2011
Gear Head

One little piece of software I've found very useful in a live setting is Steinberg's V-STack, which is essentially the Cubase mixer without a sequencer. You can load a bunch of VSTs into it and, with one or more attached MIDI keyboards, have a complete live setup. It does transposition, splits and layers, and other assorted tasks. I've even been able to install it on a netbook with the Intel Atom processor and get reasonable performance.
This is the problem: I want to install it on a new laptop, but I can't find my license for it anywhere around here, which has the ubiquitous serial number. Hence, no installation. I'm currently using Cubase LE 4 as a substitute, but that wasn't really intended for live performance.
So I'm wondering if there's a good substitute for V-STack on the market nowadays. I tried Ableton Live, but that didn't work for me. Any suggestions?

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