Auto Tune Karaoke Shark Tank


Jan 06, 2017 We get karaoke crazy with with SingTrix Family public CNET. Shark Tank: John's Live Behind. Auto-tune your karaoke sessions with Singtrix - Duration. Singtrix is the only smart home karaoke machine ever invented. Singtrix is designed by musicians with every component carefully crafted and of the highest quality. Never has there been a smart karaoke machine that helps you sound better and sharpens your stage game.

Oct 31, 2014  'The next-generation karaoke machine that makes bad singers sound good and good singers sound amazing,' according to the company's website. Is SingTrix The New Autotune?

  • The New 2nd-Gen Plug and Play 'Studio' Effects Console with over 375 effects.
  • 40-watt 2.1 Stereo Speaker with Subwoofer & built-in Device Holder
  • Custom Mic with 'HIT' Effect Control
  • MP3 player with voice recording feature
  • Faceplate inserts - orange, black, blue and pink
  • Power Supply and Cables

The Singtrix® Studio Console

  • 375+ Professional Vocal Effects
  • Controls
    • Hit Effect - 'larger than life' harmonies & effects combinations
    • Song Voice - lowers vocals in standard songs
    • My Voice - (3) skill levels
    • Mic & Main Volumes
  • Connectivity
    • 3.5mm Audio Input - accepts any music device
    • (2) Stereo Speaker Outputs: combine Singtrix® speakers, headphones & PA systems
  • Mic 1 Input
    • Offers full “Hit” & “Non-Hit” effects
    • Offers pitch-correction & harmonies
    • For one singer at a time
  • Mic 2 Input
    • For use with 2nd mic
    • Lush Reverbs, Delays & Dynamic EQ
    • Works with multiple singers
    • No pitch-correction or harmonies

Singtrix® Microphone

  • Built-In “HIT” Button Controls Effects
  • Professional-Quality, Weighted & Perfectly Balanced
  • Tuned for the Singtrix® Studio
  • Ultra-Sensitive and Responsive
  • Use up to (2) Mics with the Studio – one lead, one backup

2.1 Home Theater Speaker System

  • Hi-Fidelity Stereo Speaker System
  • Built-In Subwoofer
  • 40 Watts of Power
  • Designed for the Optimal Singtrix® Experience
  • Ultra-Compact, Lightweight & Portable
  • Volume, Treble & Bass Controls
  • Can be Combined with 2nd Speaker System
  • Use for Music, Gaming and Movies!

Simple to Use Singtrix® Studio

Singtrix® uses the same live vocal technology the pros use to sound amazing. Effects include natural pitch-correction, powerful harmonies, hard tune, reverb, delay and more. Features 3 skill levels plus voice cancellation that lowers vocals on standard music.

The Hit Effect

Easily control Singtrix® voice effects with the press of a button. Take your chorus to the next level with on-demand harmonies and amped up effects.

2.1 Multimedia Speaker

Auto Tune Karaoke Shark Tank Top

Custom designed Singtrix® PA packs 40 watts of big sound into a portable design. With a built-in subwoofer, it brings the party whenever and wherever you go. Use it as a home theater and gaming speaker, too.

Any Music, Any Device

Auto Tune Karaoke Shark Tank Free

Singtrix® works great with YouTube® Karaoke and Lyrics Tracks. The Singtrix® also works with your smart phone, tablet, computer, even guitar and keyboard. Use your own song library, karaoke tracks, home music recordings and favorite karaoke apps.

Features 'Beyond Karaoke'

Singtrix® has over 375+ effect presets! From hilarious voice-morphing and gender-bending effects, sure to entertain kids of all ages, to vocal effects designed to cover any genre and generation of music, Singtrix® is sure to provide hours of entertainment for all your party guests.

Karaoke Tunes Free

For Any Occasion

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Auto Tune Karaoke Shark Tank Free

No other karaoke system has so many uses: karaoke parties, song composition, studio recordings, live band performance, public address, and worship/church applications. As a vocal training tool, the unique natural pitch-correction will feel like 'training wheels' for your voice. Using Singtrix® can help develop and improve your voice naturally.

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