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Our assignment was to write a tic-tac-toe program for my programming class.
It is person vs. computer and the computer makes 'random' moves, even if computer is going to lose they will choose a random place to put their x or o
it is all correct, now what I have to do is modify the program so the computer plays 'smart', and by smart i mean blocking the player from making a 3 of a kind, etc.
so I have no idea how to do that

Tic Tac Toe In C

here is my program now:

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Html tic tac toe code
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Dev C Code For Tic Tac Toe Google

Fix the boot camp problem in macs with optical drive. I'd probably have an integer function called:

Dev C++ Tic Tac Toe Source Code

This function would test to see whether any move by the human opponent could win the game. It would return some number that is not 0 through 8 (i.e. -1) if there was no winning move that the player could make to win, and it would return some number from 0 to 8 if the player COULD make a winning move. The 0 through 8 return value would be the square representing the winning move. Call that function. If it returns -1, then call the makeRandMove function. If it returns something that is 0 through 8, don't call makeRandMove. Instead, have the computer's move be the return value from 'PlayerHasWinningMove'. That will block the player's move before he/she can make it.

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