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Download free synth presets, synth patches, ableton packs. User-contributed audio presets. Share, download, and explore. Audio Effect Rack with Wet / Dry Control. May 29, 2017  ELPHNT has released Analog Tape, a free Ableton Live Rack, designed to emulate various audio tape effects. Here’s what they have to say about it: There really is nothing like the sound of tape, whether you’re after that crunchy saturation, warm colour or the wonky, wobbly wow & flutter you can use TAPE to add some vintage flavour to your productions.

Download these top notch ableton live racks!

Below you will find links and descriptions leading to and taken from the website I found this the other day and I was quite impressed with their free racks, but also everything else on their site. Go check it out and download what you want!

Each rack has a video presentation coupled with it. That way you can get a better picture of what the device does before downloading.

The site is run by Rory, who is a main contributor to Dubspot’s blog. Once you have gone to Subdivizion head over to Dubspot to get more involved with how to use ableton live to its full capacity and make some of your own devices that you can then give away!!! Pay it forward!!

Another Very Nice Tutorial by Rory –> Building Dummy Clip DJ Effects!!

Rocks to Riches ÷ Ableton Instrument Rack

The Rocks to Riches Instrument Rack is custom multilayer synth that was created from processing an audio recording of rocks being shuffled around. The sound this rack produces is a lush but gritty organ type sound typically heard in Deep House and House tunes. The sound is processed through multiple chains of effects and has mapped macros for adjusting key parameters to taste.

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Kick it Good! ÷ Kick Layering Instrument

The Kick it Good! Rack is a multi-layer kick shaping instrument used to design and mix your own unique sounding kicks or percussion sounds. Create room shaking bottom end kicks with the Kick Synth layer and add mix piercing top end kick samples using the Kick Sample layer.

Free Ableton Audio Effects Rack Download

Each layer includes macro controls mapped to parameters that work great for shaping your kick sounds quick and easy. Although this Instrument Rack was designed to shape professional sounding kicks, it can also be used to create expressive percussion sounds and unique variations.

*Requirements: Ableton Live 9, Operator, and Sampler.

2013 Backpack Jam Template ÷ Ableton Live Project

This is a fun Live Set template designed for live performance’s and jam out sessions. The idea behind it is to allow people with no music or Ableton experience to jam out music and trigger effects on MIDI controllers in a way where the music flows, stays in key, the effects can be triggered on and off using dummy clips so they don’t clutter up the mix, and can also be customizable for experienced Ableton users.

Scratch-O-Matic ÷ Ableton Live Rack

The Scratch-O-Matic is a fun and easy to use Instrument Rack that can be used to add and manipulate scratch sounds in your mix. It comes loaded with 128 scratch samples that can be quickly selected with the turn of a knob. We didn’t want to take the fun out of scratching so we added a Scratch It-Up Macro Knob that can be easily MIDI mapped to your controllers fader for some fast hands-on cutting and scratching. We have also include Pitch, Reverse, Delay, and Grain Redux FX Macro Knobs to add some style and flavor to your scratching.

DJ FX ÷ Ableton FX Racks

The Ef Ex’s DJ FX Rack Set includes three free Ableton Audio Effect Racks.

1st Rack: The 2 Knober Jober FX Rack uses two Macro knobs to control five separate effects. Great if you have limited space on your controller to MIDI map too.

2nd Rack: The Perfex Button/Fader FX Rack has eleven different effects that can be MIDI mapped to a controller. Three effects can be mapped to a button, three combo effects control two separate effects with one knob, and two effects can be mapped to a fader or knob.

3rd Rack: The Perfex Knob/Fader FX Rack has eight different effects that can be MIDI mapped to a controller’s knobs or faders.

Hover your mouse over any of the Macro knobs to read a short description of what each effect does in Live’s Info View.

Multiband Freq Splitter ÷ Ableton FX Rack

The Multiband Freq Splitter FX Rack can be used to split the frequencies of a sound so that you can apply individual effects to the Low, Mid and High frequency bands. It includes the ‘Multiband Freq Splitter FX Rack’ and a ‘Simpler Instrument’ loaded with a royalty free sample preset designed by our team at Sub÷Divizion.

Simple Sample Selecta ÷ Ableton Instrument Rack

Free Ableton Audio Effects Rack Download

The Simple Sample Selecta is an Ableton Live Instrument Rack that can be used to audition and tweak samples from the browser quick and easy. It includes the ‘Simple Sample Selecta Instrument Rack’ and a ‘Percussion Samples’ folder loaded with ten royalty free percussion samples.

Stereo Width ÷ Ableton FX Rack

Audio Effects Free Download

The Stereo Width Rack is used to spread out a sound across the stereo field utilizing three different methods to boost the stereo image. It is a great tool for creating space or making individual elements sound wider and stand out in the mix. It includes the ‘Stereo Width FX Rack’ and a ‘Simpler Instrument’ loaded with a royalty free sample preset designed by our team at Sub÷Divizion.

The Vowels Rack ÷ Ableton FX Rack

The Vowels Rack is a simple formant filter that uses an Effect Rack and a Chain Selector to cycle through EQ Vowel Presets. It is great for using with basslines and leads to give your sound some added movement. It includes the ‘Vowels Rack FX Rack’ and a ‘Simpler Instrument’ loaded with a royalty free sample preset designed by our team at Sub÷Divizion.

Yay Filter ÷ Ableton FX Rack

The Yay Filter can be used to create that ‘Yay’ talking sound heard in many Electro and Dubstep tunes. It works great for basslines. It includes the ‘Yay Filter FX Rack’ and a ‘Simpler Instrument’ loaded with a royalty free sample preset designed by our team at Sub÷Divizion.

Dry Wet Filter ÷ Ableton FX Rack

Audio Effects Download

The Dry Wet Filter Rack combines Live’s Auto Filter with a Dry/Wet Knob and useful Macros that can be easily midi mapped to a controller. It includes the ‘Wet Dry Filter FX Rack’ and a ‘Simpler Instrument’ loaded with a royalty free sample preset designed by our team at Sub÷Divizion.

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