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Oct 21, 2018  This feature is not available right now. Please try again later. COMPACT TRAKTOR CONTROL. Whether DJing all-digital or with timecode control, the mighty TRAKTOR KONTROL X1 gives you total control of decks and effects in TRAKTOR PRO 3, with a unique combination of power and portability. Browse tracks, nudge, seek, or control loops and effects with focused precision. Without ever reaching for the laptop. Jun 29, 2017  Examples: Akai Pro AMX (Serato DJ), Allen & Heath 43C (Serato DJ), Traktor Kontrol Z2 (Traktor Scratch Pro 2), DJM-250MK2 / DJM-450 (Rekordbox DVS). Pros: DVS-enabled mixers are very simple to set up, and quite often the more expensive models will come bundled with the necessary software licences. Traktor Pro 3.3.0 Crack: TRAKTOR’s well-known Deck FX can turn and screw your tracks with unending variety, while new Mixer FX acquaint simple with use impacts in a solitary control on each channel. Turn them up, down, on, and off, for a sonic investigation that is wild. Mar 13, 2018 In this video I try to explain as best I can how to setup your Ni S4 with 2 turntables for external vinyl use. If you have the upgrade to Traktor Scratch Pro this is also what you will need to do.

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  • Four decks, plus Remix Decks™ and Loop Recorder
  • TRAKTOR AUDIO 10 interface w/ Direct Thru
  • Creative looping, cueing & 30+ DJ effects


Flagship digital vinyl system with four decks to spin digital music using super-tight vinyl or CD control.


TRAKTOR SCRATCH A10 lets you spin digital files on four track decks using super-tight vinyl and CD control. The next generation of the award-winning digital vinyl system is easier to use than ever, and boasts incredible connectivity via the included TRAKTOR AUDIO 10.
This product includes TRAKTOR SCRATCH PRO 2 software with Remix Deck™ technology – the latest flagship version of the world’s most advanced DJ software. Switch any track deck to a Remix Deck and seamlessly merge the worlds of DJing and live performance.
TRAKTOR PRO 2 Demo Version


TRAKTOR SCRATCH 10 gets the remix treatment and now delivers an incredible package for creative DJs. Building on the success of TRAKTOR SCRATCH PRO 2, TRAKTOR SCRATCH A10 now contains the flagship TRAKTOR SCRATCH PRO 2 with Remix Decks software at an exceptional and permanent new price.
Powered by the 10-channel TRAKTOR AUDIO 10 interface - now available exclusively with this product - you can also expand your setup to include TRAKTOR KONTROL F1 for ultimate and intuitive control over the software’s Remix Decks.


Powering this premium system is the benchmark TRAKTOR AUDIO 10 DJ audio interface. Carefully redesigned for enhanced performance, TRAKTOR AUDIO 10 packs more sonic power than ever and offers TRAKTOR SCRATCH Multicore Cable support – all without the need for external power.
TRAKTOR AUDIO 10 features ten high-quality inputs and outputs for ultimate connectivity - connect up to four turntables via the four stereo phono preamps. Its robust build, pounding audio quality, club-readable LEDs and slim profile make it the interface of choice for the world’s biggest DJs.


Thanks to Auto Detection and configuration for NI audio interfaces, you can get set up in seconds, while TRAKTOR AUDIO 10’s Direct Thru function makes switching DJs in the club a breeze. The SoftSync feature adds a new level of tempo-awareness to TRAKTOR SCRATCH that expands your mixing options when using vinyl control. TRAKTOR SCRATCH A10 also features an intuitive software interface and TruWave frequency-specific colored waveforms for easy identification of song structure.
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TRAKTOR SCRATCH A10 offers an incredible range of creative options to define your individual sound. The intuitive looping and cueing functions have been further enhanced with the addition of Remix Decks, making live remixing and re-editing a cinch. Grab and layer your own loops, use the library of included loop content or fire off one-shot samples such as the included scratch sounds. Record from any channel via the Loop Recorder and add dynamic layers to dramatically heighten your mix.
Use the expanded effects section like an external effects unit and even sync up with gear such as MASCHINE to create powerful set ups for stage and studio.
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The Native Scratch technology features TRAKTOR SCRATCH MK2 timecode vinyl and CD control for the next step in tight timecode performance. Spin super-precise 2kHz control signal on 120g vinyl – it feels just like your digital track was cut to a 12-inch - and with the innovative vinyl marker stickers you get clear visual reference at all times. Alternatively, use your CDJs with TRAKTOR MK2 timecode in relative mode, and stay ahead of the competition - use TRAKTOR’s loops and hot cues and your CDJs’ cue and manual looping functionality, and get the best out of both systems.
The technology is included in all TRAKTOR SCRATCH products.
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How to control traktor pro dvs free
TRAKTOR SCRATCH PRO 2 SOFTWARE & TIMECODE KIT - Only 99,00 € when upgrading your S4, mixer or audio interface to a Digital Vinyl System
TRAKTOR KONTROL X1 - control cueing, looping and effects from two of TRAKTOR's track decks.
TRAKTOR KONTROL F1 - dedicated control over one of TRAKTOR's new Remix Decks™
TRAKTOR SCRATCH VINYL AND CDS - Native Scratch MK2 timecode vinyl / CDs and colored vinyl sets are available.
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'As a turntablist, nothing matters more to me than the feel and sound of my records. Traktor Scratch, more than anything else on the market, gives me the vinyl response and touch that I absolutely need to have.' (DJ Shiftee)
Best Digital Vinyl System 2008, 2009 & 2010! (DJ Mag Tech Awards).
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  • Everything you need to kick off your DVS setup
  • Spin timecode vinyl, and mix your tracks in TRAKTOR or on an external mixer
  • Includes TRAKTOR AUDIO 6 soundcard, timecode vinyl and CDs, and TRAKTOR PRO 3

Traktor Pro 2 Mac


The TRAKTOR AUDIO 6 forms the heart of your DVS setup – with two stereo inputs to connect your turntables, and two stereo outputs if you want to route each TRAKTOR deck to a mixer. There’s also a main stereo output if you’re mixing everything within TRAKTOR, and a main stereo input you can use for anything you like. For full-on setup configuration, each input and output can also be independently assigned.


Control two decks in TRAKTOR using timecode vinyl – whether you’re a scratch DJ, or just like that old-school analog feel. Our DVS means you can play your tunes in TRAKTOR as if they’d been engraved onto a record. The same goes for using our timecode CDs. This bundle means you can take your pick, hook up the TRAKTOR AUDIO 6 to TRAKTOR PRO 3, and mix on a setup tuned to your DJ style.


Traktor Pro 3

Got a mixer you know like the back of your hand? Route two individual TRAKTOR decks to separate channels on your mixer to integrate with your existing setup. If you’re using TRAKTOR in a club booth, setting up with the gear that’s already there is a matter of seconds.


TRAKTOR PRO 3 is our flagship DJ software, used in clubs and on stages across the world. It’s super flexible, so whether you’re spinning timecode vinyl, or want to incorporate samples and Stems into your sets, you can. Use Hotcues, loops, and over 40 effects for real creative freedom in your mixes.


Traktor Pro 3.1

Explore new ways of innovating and pushing the DJ artform with TRAKTOR.
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