Http Dev C Com Gtav Scripthookv


Since original links are not available anymore, I'm publishing aru's Script Hook Redist here, every good thing must stay online forever!

Http Dev C Com Gtav Scripthookv Ps4

Http Dev C Com Gtav Scripthookv

Redist (ScriptHook.dll) is needed in order to run asi scriptsCarbon electra vst free download. which were built using aru's Script Hook SDK, make sure that you read and understand the license before using it. If you have no asi loader for running asi scripts then download GTA IV Asi Loader from this site.

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  2. Yes script hook v has not had an update yet unfortunately. And since rockstar makes little tiny updates to the game it messes up script hook. The best thing to do is wait for a script hook update.


AuthorVersionSupported patchesDownloadInternational support
aru, (c) 2009-2010v0.5.1GTA IV, EFLC on gtaforums

@AHK1221 That's exactly my thinking now. Problem is, my latest mod uses offsets that have changed in this new update, I need to find a way to check that and still stay on the old version.

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