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Jan 28, 2019  You're building a serverless microservice, want to use Cognito Federated Identity as your API Gateway authorizer, but after a few hours scouring the AWS documentation, Google and StackOverflow (nope, wrong Cognito) you still haven't found how to make a simple REST API call to authenticate yourself, be able to build a collection for your webservice and maybe, just maybe, test. Nov 11, 2019  Be carefull with X-Lite Beta for Mac. I used it, but some days ago I got (and other users too) the message that X-Lite has expired - without any warning about this. I downloaded a new version, but then all my contacts were gone. CounterPath Support says: this is beta software, so on your own risk, enter your contacts again or buy another version.

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  2. If you are on MacOS and have LittleSnitch installed, then terraform gets blocked by little snitch due to it's invalid signature. Just go and delete the corresponding rule or modify it in LittleSnitch.
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  4. I saw heavy CPU usage,d then a large upload and checked Little Snitch to see that nsurlsessionid is connecting to ''. I know that nsurlsessionid is a system process that syncs to iCloud but and the relationship with Apple?, if typed into Safari's address bar, shows a XML file like.

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commented May 23, 2018


  • Put an X between the brackets on this line if you have done all of the following:
    • Reproduced the problem in Safe Mode:
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I run Little Snitch on my laptop and I frequently see Atom attempting to make a connection to the s3 bucket:

Sometimes this happens when an update is being installed, when I open Atom, or when I download a new package.

I see that zcbenz is one of the top contributors to Atom and I'm sure this is all above board but the name is a bit disconcerting to me. Can you clarify how this bucket is used, and under what circumstances a connection is made? Is it in a personal AWS account or in a Github owned AWS account? etc


Steps to Reproduce

Not 100% clear

Expected behavior:

Audacity auto-tune plugin download. Actual behavior:

Reproduces how often:Gordon ramsay makes it easy pdf download free.


commented May 23, 2018

From atom/apm#322 (comment) it appears that several of the links are 302 redirects to that bucket. I'm guessing that you are seeing this when Atom is checking for package updates. That particular comment is rather old, but I'm guessing that you are hitting similar redirects to that bucket 😉.

Thanks for reaching out!

Because we treat our issues list as the Atom team's backlog, we close issues that are questions since they don't represent a task needing to be completed. For most questions about Atom there are a lot of options, check out:

  • User Documentation — The Atom Flight Manual
  • Developer Documentation — Atom API Documentation
  • FAQ — The Atom FAQ on Discuss
  • Message Board — Discuss, the official Atom and Electron message board
  • Chat — Join the Atom Slack team

On Discuss and in the Atom Slack team, there are a bunch of helpful community members that should be willing to point you in the right direction.

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bot commented Nov 19, 2018

Little snitch lyrics

This issue has been automatically locked since there has not been any recent activity after it was closed. If you can still reproduce this issue in Safe Mode then please open a new issue and fill out the entire issue template to ensure that we have enough information to address your issue. Thanks!

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