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Jan 09, 2018 50+ videos Play all Mix - Maschine MK3 Midi Template for Ableton Live 9/10 Production & Performance YouTube Transfer A Song From Maschine To Ableton Quickly And Easily - Duration: 8:15. In Controller Editor, click the Templates tab. Select the Ableton Live 9 template in the Templates list. If not present, open the Factory Templates drop-down menu and choose Ableton Live 9 to add it. Setting Up Ableton Live for the MASCHINE MIDI Template. Start Ableton Live. Open Ableton Live's Preferences and go to the Link / MIDI Tab.

NI Maschine or Ableton Push? It's a tough choice for many producers. Yes, Push is optimised for Ableton Live and Maschine is multi-DAW friendly. Both controllers have their pros and cons though..

When buying a new controller, most musicians and producers are faced with a choice between two of the main players, Native Instruments' Maschine MK3 and Ableton Push 2.

Before you get in a tizzy and start complaining that it's not possible to compare apples and oranges (you can decide which controller is which in this analogy) Loopop disagrees and explains that aside from the software side of things there are comparison points to be made. Yes, in terms of software, Ableton Live is a fully-featured, mature, comprehensive DAW, and the MASCHINE software, while constantly improving, is more groovebox-oriented and isn't trying to be a complete one-stop-shop DAW itself.

Maschine Mk3 Ableton Template Mac Not Showing Instance

In this video Ziv (Loopop) explores the different sides of both controller / instruments breaking the comparison down by a number of criteria:

Ableton Push Or Maschine

So, what are the criteria Maschine MK3 and Ableton Push 2 are judged by? Here you go:

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  • hardware
  • creating music
  • scale
  • soft keys
  • arpeggiating
  • chords
  • sequencing beats
  • sounds
  • sampling
  • sequencing notes
  • projects
  • mixing
  • touch strip
  • macros
  • locks
  • mapping parameters
  • USB power
  • arrangement

This is a very interesting, and bold, video from Loopop and is bound to get hardcore users from both camps up in arms. And for others it's a decent overview of both that will hopefully help you make a decision as to which is best for you and your studio/live performance needs.

Learn lots more about Ableton Push 2 here and NI Maschine here.

Check out our overview video of the new Maschine MK3 here:

Maschine Mk3 Ableton Template Mac Not Showing Instance 1

[Via: Loopop on YouTube]
Remember, you can learn a whole lot more about Ableton Push 2 here and NI Maschine here.
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