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MixVibes is a program that allows you to mix tracks on your computer as if you were a real DJ. It has all the tools that a good mixing desk would have. The interface is designed to emulate a real mixing desk and you can reorganise it to suit your needs. Cross DJ Linux Public Test 1 Ubuntu Cross DJ 3.0.0 Technology Preview & release notes. UncleVibes. 24 Dec 2013, 11:42. UPDATES 285 PC Remixvideo Pro Demo. TinouCAS. 09 Mar 2020, 16:00 Cross LE Allen&Heath 0 Remixlive Demo 2 Remixvideo Pro Demo 2.

The big players might hog the headlines these days, but we need to remember that there are other alternatives out there that offer some advantages. We do our best here at DJWORX to cover as much about the alternatives to Pioneer, Native Instruments, Atomix and Serato, even including the open source ones! Easily the company that keeps our inbox busiest with updates is Mixvibes, makers of Cross DJ for Mac/Windows, iOS and Android.

Cross DJ continues it’s march towards a complete desktop DJ software package with the latest version of Cross DJ: 3.3.11. This version brings Windows 10 support, a couple of new controllers to support and some other bits and bobs. You can get into the detail in the press release below.

Paris, France – 13th of August, 2015


Mixvibes Cross DJ 3.3.11 for Mac/PC: Windows 10 ready, new controllers & improvements.

Windows 10

Dev c++ opengl Well, guess what I’m in the same boat, just started on the NeHe tutorials I’ve gotten them to work, though.

  • PC users rejoice: Cross DJ is now compatible with Windows’ latest OS
  • Both 32 and 64-bit version are supported

New supported controllers

  • Pioneer XDJ-R1
  • Hercules DJControlWave
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Better Pioneer CDJ integration

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  • Pioneer CDJ-2000: the CDJ now displays the current selected track’s artwork.
  • Pioneer CDJ-850: no more crash while browsing
  • Overall stability of both HID controls has been improved

Workflow and performance improvements

  • Track Match now updates based on Master player change: when Track Match is set on Master, it keeps track of Master’s change.
  • No need to re analyze tracks after you’ve moved them within the collection.
  • Record: the limiter has been fixed so you won’t get saturated recordings any more.

Bug fixes

  • Player: fixed color waveform display for tracks having 88200Hz sample rate
  • Collection: fixed crash when deleting the current month in the History view
  • Collection: fixed SoundCloud tree reload
  • Various: fixed possible random crashes on custom analysis + when loading tracks by drag and drop + when unloading an audio/video couple.

Pricing & availability

49€ / $49 for Cross DJ

129€ / $129 for Cross Free update available for Cross DJ & Cross.

Download: http://forum.mixvibes.com, in the Download Center.

About Mixvibes

Mixvibes has been making professional DJ software and apps for 15 years. Downloaded by millions worldwide, its flagship app Cross DJ is now available on Mac/PC, iOS and Android. Mixvibes has also developed Pioneer’s rekordboxTM, the worldwide club standard music management software.

While this release might not scream out some of the sexy features rival software recently had, it’s important in that it not only further cements integration with critical Pioneer club gear, it adds full compatibility with the just released Windows 10 and adds support for a couple more controllers. There’s obviously the usual round of bug squashing as well, to tighten it up.

With all the recent upheaval thanks to Pioneer’s rekordbox announcement, there’s certainly opportunity for other, smaller, DJ software companies to jostle for position. I mentioned in the first paragraph that these smaller companies still offered some advantages. The biggest and most obvious is bang for your buck: for less than the major players, you can get full DVS on the audio interface of your choosing. Got a cheap two channel mixer with digital audio and a couple of turntables? No problem. Serato, NI and (now) Pioneer are able to pick and choose their partners, leaving you out in the cold if your gear isn’t on the guest list.

Do you think smaller companies like Mixvibes have an opportunity now that the industry has had a shake-up?

MixVibes is a program that allows you to mix tracks on your computer as if you were a real DJ. It has all the tools that a good mixing desk would have.

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The interface is designed to emulate a real mixing desk and you can reorganise it to suit your needs.

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With this program you will have a large number of tools at your disposal: three turntables, time control, 10-band equaliser, skins, automatic BPM adjustment, song synchroniser, speed control for songs, you can mix certain channels of a song and much more.

MixVibes uses Digital Vinyl System technology, which provides high-fidelity sound for your mixes. With this program your parties will be a complete success.

Mixvibes dj software, free download

The formats you can use are: MP3, OGG, WMA and many others.

Mixvibes Dj Software

There is also an instruction manual available in Spanish.

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