Mybatis Batch Insert With Generated Key


Executing Batch Inserts. Batch insert support in Spring is a bit different than batch support in MyBatis3 and Spring does not support returning generated keys from a batch insert. The following is a complete example of a batch insert (note the use of SqlParameterSourceUtils to create an array of parameter sources from an array of input records). MyBatis Generator with Batch insert in Postgres causes PSQLException: A result was returned when none was expected Hi, I'm using MyBatis generator to generate the xml mapping I can successfully query and perform single inserts but I'm getting an Exception when I attempt a batch insert.

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What is the difference between #{..} and ${..}?

MyBatis interprets #{..} as a parameter marker in a JDBC prepared statement. MyBatis interprets ${..} as string substitution. It is important to know the difference because parameter markers cannot be used in certain places in SQL statements.
For example, you cannot use a parameter marker to specify a table name.
Given the following code:

MyBatis will generate the following prepared statement:

Important: note that use of ${..} (string substitution) presents a risk for SQL injection attacks. Also, string substitution can be problematical for complex types like dates. For these reasons, we recommend using the #{..} form whenever possible.

How do I code an SQL LIKE?

There are two methods. In the first (and preferred) method, you append the SQL wildcards in your Java code.
For example:

Alternatively, you can append '%' in XML mapper using <bind /> tag.

Another method is to concatenate the wildcards in your SQL. This method is less safe than the method above because of possible SQL injection.
For example:

Mybatis Batch Insert With Generated Key Generator

Important: Note the use of $ vs. # in the second example!

How do I code a batch insert?

First, code a simple insert statement like this:

Then execute a batch in Java code like this:

How can I retrieve the value of an auto generated key?

The insert method always returns an int - which is the number of rows inserted. Auto generated key values are placed into the parameter object and are available after the completion of the insert method.
For example:

How do I use multiple parameters in a mapper?

Java reflection does not provide a way to know the name of a method parameter so MyBatis names them by default like: param1, param2..
If you want to give them a name use the @param annotation this way:

Mybatis Batch Insert For Mysql

Now you can use them in your xml like follows:

How do I map a list of simple type objects (String, Integer, etc.) to a Bean or Map ?

To map the following results


to the following java object,

the result map should look as follows.

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Mybatis Batch Insert

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Mybatis Batch Insert Return Id

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commented Jan 9, 2020

sql like
<insert .. >
insert into ..
on duplicate key
update foo=values(foo) ..

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when insert multiple new items, only this first item has primary key value in return


commented Jan 11, 2020

@wuchenyv1990 ,

It is not a bug. It's just how the driver works [1].

I did some tests a while ago and my conclusion was:
If you need to get the generate keys from on duplicate key update statement, you need to execute one insert at a time.
Even batch operation (i.e. using ExecutorType.BATCH) may not work properly.

Closing as it's not a bug.

As the current OK_Packet does not provide enough information, it may require protocol improvement to support multiple generated keys correctly

closed this Jan 11, 2020

Mybatis Batch Insert With Generated Keyboard

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