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Neuro, Nobody should laugh at you bro. This is a subject that many musicians (myself included) have wondered about for quite awhile now. But up until just a few years ago there really wasn't anything capable of producing realistic sounding virtual guitar. Simply due to the difficulties in emulating guitar with software, even with good samples, the tone itself is almost unimportant. There are so many different guitar tones you could cultivate, it really doesn't even matter if what you use sounds like a synth. What DOES matter, very much so, is that you have the means of articulating the tone that makes it sound like real guitar playing. The simplest sounding guitar riff can be almost impossible to mimic with samples or software, because it's not just straight notes. Playing guitar involves many things taking place between the picking or strumming hand and the fret board hand. The notes are articulated in particular ways involving velocity, pressure and a mutlitude of techniques like hammerons, pulls offs, down picking, up picking, alt pick, fast strum, slow strum, sweeping, sliding, vibrato, tremelo, portamento, pitch bends, pinch harmonics, normal harmonics, tremolo arm action, and the list goes on. The good news is there are some extremely impressive virtual guitar programs available now. Bad news is they are not cheap. And then there's the matter of learning how to use them. Your problem is obvious. The freebie software downloads unfortunately aren't in this group. What your using is good for nothing more than adding cheesy guitar sounds to notes. What your wanting to do is possible, or at least you can get some pretty impressive results with the right vst. If your willing to invest some time and money into this I would recommend looking at a couple of vst's from Impact Soundworks. Antares autotune. I have researched and sampled pretty much everything out there and Impact Soundworks' scripting/engine is for me the best in terms of playability, response and authenticity, especially when you team it up with a top shelf amp simulator like Guitar Rig or Amplitude. Word to the wise, be willing to drop some dime and spend some time to get something close to reality. If you decide this is outside the realm of possibility I would suggest picking up a few good guitar sample packs and learn how to manipulate them in your DAW to suit your needs. Heres a few links for you to check out. Best of luck.

Rhythm Guitar Vst Free Download

May 23, 2018 Guitar VST Library for Kontakt. AntonovSamples: Rhythm Guitar - 2. This guitar for indie pop, funk, disco. Free vst instruments to download: best free guitar vst plug-ins to download that will enrich your work space of the guitar sounds. Dubstep, or anything downtempo and everything in between, this will add an excellenthypnotist rhythm with abig energy to your beats. Inside the pack you got 80 loops, imagine what you can do with this big. Strum guitar VST free download. Multimedia tools downloads - Strum Acoustic GS-1 by Applied Acoustics Systems and many more programs are available for instant and free download. May 23, 2018  Guitar VST Library for Kontakt. AntonovSamples: Rhythm Guitar - 2. This guitar for indie pop, funk, disco.

Rhythm Guitar Vst Free Download

Rhythm Guitar Vst Plugins


Acoustic Guitar Vst Free Download


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