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Roland has released an official VST version of its iconic TB-303 synth to mark 303 Day (otherwise known as March 3). The TB-303 VST is now available through Roland’s software subscription. Bitsonic TB-303 is a poly/monophonic bass line synthesiser with a single digitally modeled analogue oscillator, filter, and decay envelope. This audio plugin can be used with all applications that support VST format. This plugin gives you full control of the audio settings using its simple interface. Apr 15, 2013  Here you can find a ranking of TB 303 emulation VSTs including demo files: Best TB 303 VST plugins. Soft Synth Emulator Comparison Test My vote goes to the ABL 2 too, they even gave me a free update for christmas! I prefer it to the D16 emulation.

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Oct 18, 2018 A diverse collection of 24 classic TB-303 sounds recorded from an original Roland TB-303. Whilst there are only a total of 24 sounds within the VST, this more than covers the majority of sound the. Bitsonic TB-303 Synthesizer by Bitsonic (@KVRAudio Product Listing): This is a classic Roland TB-303 emulation. Functions: Simple/Bub mode. Saw/Square oscillators. Stereo/mono mode. Control with Knob/Velocity switcher. 10 basic presets.

Bitsonic TB-303 SynthesizerbyVstBitsonic
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Bitsonic TB-303 Synthesizer
Bitsonic Violent Phaser
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Acoustic Grand Piano
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Sample Based Instrument
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Stereo Enhancer
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Tube virtualiser
Violent Dual
Violent Free Delay
Violent Mid-Side Equalizer
Mid-Side EQ
Violent Mid/Side Stereo Image Modifier
Mid-Side Stereo Enhancer
Godlike 2
Synth (Hybrid)

“Yooz BL-303 is a contribution synth with Big Love to the legendary Roland TB-303. It was originally created for the KVR Developer Challenge 2016 competition.

Version 2.0 includes more beautiful user interface, sounds better and behave more like the original TB-303. The slide is now sliding to the next note and the filter envelope isn’t retriggered. The Accent amount is growing when there are few accent notes in a row.

The sequencer part (including the slide and the accent) is handled with midi notes velocity.

  • Shorten the note length a little bit, so it ends slightly before the next note (like the TB).
  • Use the Velocity to control the Accent and the Glide.
  • Velocity 0 – 9: Slide On
  • Velocity 10 – 100: Regular note
  • Velocity 101 – 126: Accent On
  • Velocity 127: Accent & Slide On

Tb 303 Vst Mac

The 303 was originally created in the beginning of the 80’s as a replacement for base guitarists. It didn’t get much success since it didn’t do the job it was meant to and was taken from the shelves two years later. In the end of the 80’s when the house and techno music started to pop up the device was rediscovered and got famous for it’s uniquely acid wobbly sound.”

Vst Plugins Mac

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