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Oct 15, 2017 How to Use Auto-Tune with GarageBand on an iPhone In this video, I use an iPhone 7 128 GB iOS 11, to record using Garageband mobile in conjunction with Auto-Tune Mobile. Follow closely for the how. May 25, 2019  #voloco #autotune Autotune is easy and quite enjoyable with this free app. Voloco includes free presets and effects to get your T-Pain on. I find this app.

Aug 05, 2016  Fender Tune is the 5-star rated, easy-to-use, super-accurate tuner app for guitar, bass & ukulele from Fender®. The updated Tune app comes with an all-in-one Player Pack practice kit, featuring chords, scales, built-in beats, advanced tuning capabilities and a metronome, all available for in-app. Sites for cracks vst. Looking for an affordable or free vocal recording solution? We have listed the best auto tune apps for android and iPhone & iPad that will.

Hello Friends, in this post we are going to share with you best auto tune apps for android and iPhone. If you have interest in singing then all the best auto tune app given here are going to help you a lot. With the help of all these apps you can improve your singing skills very much. If you have learned singing once then you can impress anyone.

So friends in the post below we are providing you the list of top ten best free auto tune apps. You can auto tune your voice by downloading any one of these apps.


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  • Best Auto Tune Apps for Android & iPhone

Best Auto Tune Apps for Android & iPhone

1: Smule

Smule is a very popular social singing app with more than 100 million downloads on play store. In Smule app you can sing and make music with people from all over the world. You can sing both solo and duet songs in it. Using this app you can add audio effects and video filters to your singing videos. So that your voice sounds very amazing.

It find pitch correction from your singing in real time. So that you know where there is a mistake in your tuning. This makes your voice very fine tunes, which sounds quite right and smooth. So must download this auto tune app for android and iPhone.

Developer: Smule

2: Voloco

Voloco is another auto voice tune apps for android and iPhone devices. More than one crore people have downloaded this app on Play Store. This is a real-time voice processing app with which you can perform automatic tuning, harmoni and vocoding. You have to choose any song from your phone music collection or voloco free beat library and sing the song or rap over, and then after that this app guess the key of the track and tune your voice to that key. In this app many features have been provided to you so download it once and try it.


3: StarMaker

If you are a singer and want to join your singer community, then starmaker is the best app for you. In this app you will find 50 million+ music lovers around the world. With this app you can become famous by sing a songs and become a star. Record and edit your songs with a wide selection of auto tune or voice effects. You can duet with the famous singer or your friends and also share videos from here on social media.

Developer: StarMaker Interactive

4: AutoRap by Smule

If you are fond of hip-hop music, you can definitely like the rap song. In this app over 100 beats of all rap artists of the world have been provided for you, which you can use in your rap lyrics. The biggest feature of this app is that it transforms your speech into a rap. Which also sounds great.

It turns your speech into any beat and creating a unique rap every time. If you do bad wrapping then this app corrects it by auto tune. If you have to do rap battle, then this option has also been provided to you. With this you can battle with any rapper in the world. Every week new beats and songs are added to this app.

Developer: Smule

5: Rapchat

Rapchat is another auto tune apps for android and iOS devices. This is a popular free music app by which you can record the song and add vocal effects like auto vocal tune to your song at the same time. With the auto vocal tune feature, you can sound like your favorite singer. If you can’t find a name for your rap. So you can find the name of rap with Rap Name Generator tool given in this app. Here you have been provided thousands of free beats of major producers. So you sound like a pro.

List of free apps for iphone
Developer: Rapchat Inc

6: Tune Me

Tune Me is best auto tuner app for android. Tune Me is a hip-hop and R&B recording studio available on your phone where you get record tracks with pitch shift and auto pitch effects over 500+ free beats. Here many features have been provided for you to auto tune any song. You can create high quality tracks with full-featured recording and editing tools. You can share your songs in sound cloud and all social media.

Developer: B-Side Studios

7: Auto-Tune Mobile

This app is awesome auto tune app for iPhone and developed by Antares Audio Technology Inc. You can use this app only on iOS devices. In this app you have been provided world class auto tune technology, so that you can easily find vocal pitch correction and improve your singing performance. It won’t do anything until you sing in front of this app, but when you sing, this app detects which note you’re singing in and corrects the pitch of your notes.

8: MicDroid

MicDroid is good auto tune recording app for android device. Many features have been provided in this app such as Automatic pitch correction, Email recording, Ads free and Set recording at ringtone etc. The size of this app is only 36KB. Which is quite light.

The Best Auto Tune App For Iphone Free Online

Developer: intervigil

9: Auto Tuner Voice Recorder

If you have to do your voice like a pro singer, then this app can be very useful for you. If you have to do your voice like a pro singer, then this app can be very useful for you. In this app many options have been given to auto tune the voice and you can change your voice easily and use it as a voice changer app. You can apply amazing sound effects and modify your voice. You can also make a prank call to your friends using this app.

Developer: Autotune Your Voice With Music

10: Voice Synth

The Best Auto Tune App For Iphone Free Of Charge

Voice Synth is another singing app with auto tune for iPhone devices. This is a paid app. You can buy this app from the App Store for $ 11.99. It is a voice processor and music synthesizer that plays by your voice. In this app many different voices have also been provided to you (animal, evil, weird & much more). All effects are integrated into it.

Auto-tune App Blackberry

So in this list we have provided you all the best auto tune apps. You can download and use any of these apps and improve your singing.


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