Traktor Pro Tutorial Pdf

Traktor Pro Tutorial Pdf

When I bought my first Traktor S2 Controller in 2012 I was really excited to get it up and running. Which did not take me too long - after one hour or so I had figured out how to drag my first track into a deck and press 'Play'. Yey! I was now a Traktor DJ. Or so I thought..

Soon thereafter I began to feel overwhelmed with all the options, functions and settings. Where to start? What do all these buttons do? Which ones are important and which are not? I felt confused, uncertain. Lightyears away from having the confidence to walk up to a club manager and ask for a gig.

Now, with TRAKTOR PRO 3, we've built on that past to bring you new tools for sonic sculpting, our best sound quality ever, and our clearest interface to date - so you can play whatever you want.

Refer the “TRAKTOR PRO 2 Manual(PDF)” which is included with “TRAKTOR PRO 2”. Refer “MIDI MAPPING CHART” at the end of this Setting Manual to control “TRAKTOR PRO 2” by XW-DJ1’s buttons, volumes. Backing up the current MIDI setting file (Notice) “TRAKTOR PRO 2” is a product of Native Instruments GmbH. As well as those included in TRAKTOR PRO 3, this free pack gives you even more Stems across loads of genres, from techno, house, drum and bass, to funk, trap, and dubstep. Explore new ways of mixing, depending on your what suits your style, so you can start to incorporate your favorite Stems releases into your set. DOWNLOAD FREE STEMS TRACKS. Now, with TRAKTOR PRO 3, we've built on that past to bring you new tools for sonic sculpting, our best sound quality ever, and our clearest interface to date - so you can play whatever you want. Feb 03, 2010  Over the years we have managed to crank out a surprising number of Traktor FX tutorials, many of which teach fundamental FX tricks that can be used with any controller or software. NI recently asked me to film a few of my favorites for the release of the new X1 controller. We were happy to. This Traktor Tutorial is the proven quick way to learn Traktor Pro and Mixing in Key. Jump-start your DJ career and start playing paid gigs fast! The Complete Traktor Pro Video Tutorial Guide From Setting Up Your Gear To Mixing In Key Like A Pro. TDJC saved me a ton of time and money. I’ve taken a lot of online music courses and I can. Jul 17, 2013  Looking to learn how to DJ using Native Instruments Traktor Pro? Already use Traktor but would like to learn more? can get you there in just a.

After didling around for a while I started digging through the manual. 349 pages! Are you kidding me??

349 Pages - Are You Kidding Me?

Traktor Pro 3 Manual Pdf

What to do. I was serious about becoming a great Traktor DJ and read the manual back to back. Just to find out that most of the stuff wasn´t really necessary for me to know! Waste of time most of it! At one point I spent 6 hours straight checking the preferences! (In my course, I will cover all you need to know about preferences in a 5 minutes video. Just to give you an idea how much time and hustle you are going to save.)

I knew that what I needed to master was the decks, effects, EQs and cue points. So, I started organizing my playlists and analyzing tracks. And - finally - I began mixing! But I soon found out that reading up on stuff in my bedroom and playing live were two very different things.

'Reading up on Stuff in my Bedroom and Playing Live were Two Very Different Things'

I kept on searching, reading, watching YouTube videos, trying this and that. Until I finally, 6 months later, had built enough confidence to go out and look for gigs.

Since then I have played well over 250 gigs and my setup now looks very different from when I first started out. I spent a lot of time optimizing my sets, created loads of controller mappings and deleted them again. Tried out all the effects and ended up using only two.
I invested a lot of time on the Mixing-in-Key topic. I love mixing in key. But when you first start doing it, it's very challenging to get it right.

“DJing is a live performing art. You need confidence to go out and play in front of a crowd.”

My biggest obstacle was feeling insecure. Not knowing what I’m doing. And there are two ways to build confidence: the hard way and the smart way.

The hard way is trial and error. Go play, make mistakes, take the beating, learn from it and get better. I’ve seen many DJs giving up in the process. Because it’s hard. Not everybody can take the pain.

The smart way is to find a proven system and learn it. And that’s what I am offering you here. DJing is a live performing art. You need confidence to go out and play in front of a crowd. This confidence comes from two things: learning the right stuff and practice. I can’t take away the practice part. But I can teach you the right stuff.

After I had become successful I remember one day thinking: 'I wish I had all the knowledge that I have collected thorough trial and error, back when I started, in a compact, comprehensive video tutorial. Hey, why not make one now, to make it easier for people who are just starting out?”

And that's how this Traktor DJ Course was born

All the information in this course is “Battle-tested” at gigs. And trust me when I say that these are the nuts and bolts of being a great Traktor DJ.

In the Tutorial you’ll learn:

How To Get Started As A DJ In 6 Steps

Pnl auto tune concert. Extensive, comprehensive infographic to keep your DJ career on track

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The video tutorial will guide you through all the steps from opening Traktor for the first time to mixing in key like a pro. The three-parts systematic approach covers:

  1. Getting Started: Setting up Traktor and preferences, organizing your tracks
  2. Mixing: Explaining the mixer, EQ, effects, beat matching, playlists
  3. Mixing in Key: How it works, which tracks to choose, custom key map

Dano’s course is the perfect guidance for anyone looking to DJ with no time on Traktor

After a summer of going to lots of DJ’s performances I decided to get my own controller. I watched multiple Youtube tutorials, considered a DJ school, which would’ve been close to USD 2000,- and searched the web for the best way to tackle the Traktor Software and the Traktor Kontrol S2 MK2. Dano put together an amazing course that covers all you need to get started and create cool mixes. Within a little more than two weeks I was able to a do a first mix, which sounded great. Now, after lots of practice with Dano’s tools I uploaded mixes to Soundcloud and Mixcloud generating hundreds of listens within a few weeks. Dano’s course is the perfect guidance for anyone looking to DJ with no time on Traktor. The course covers all the fundamentals you need to get going quickly and make quick and structured progress.

Philip Claussen

I found the course very useful

It was very good that you summarized the content of hundreds of pages of the manual to 30+ pages, emphasizing only what is important and what is actually going to be used in everyday work and practice. For three days, that I have been reading and watching the tutorials, I collected lots of useful information on:
- How to customize settings in Traktor
- How to organize tracks
- How to set hot cues in tracks
- Finding the right mix point
- How to mix in key and why shift keys for one semi-tone
There are also other very useful tips, but these were the ones the most beneficiary for me.
Also, free items (bonus) that you give are awesome 🙂

Dj Poborsky

Ich kann den TDJC jedem der anfangen möchte mit Traktor zu mixen wärmstens empfehlen

Es wird alles was man wissen muss schritt für schritt sehr gut und leicht verständlich erklärt. Die einzelnen Kapitel sind übersichtlich gestaltet so das man ihnen seinem Lerntempo entsprechen folgen kann. Alles in allem für mich die beste, einfachste und kostengünstigste Möglichkeit mit Traktor vertraut zu werden. Ein wirklich grossartiger Onlinecourse!

Daddy Joe

Dano’s course is awesome!

The content is well-organized and very clearly presented. Dano focuses on what’s important for getting you up and running quickly so that you can get to what’s most important — making music! TDJC saved me a ton of time and money. I’ve taken a lot of online music courses and I can’t think of another course that’s a better value. I highly recommend it!

Billy Bixx

Excellent course

A lot better that the stuff I found on YouTube. Covers a lot, clearly explained and complete.

Sonny S

I was truly blown away by Dano's skills on the decks whilst keeping the crowd moving

I first met DanoEF a few years ago via some mutual friends and was also invited to watch him spin at a local club. I was truly blown away by Dano's skills on the decks whilst keeping the crowd moving.
Dano really has a keen ear for music and a serious passion for the DJ industry as a whole. Dano is ready to help whether you're a novice or just someone who enjoys music. He's also running a truly informative website on DJ'ing with Traktor and over time I believe it will be a definitive guide to burgeoning users of Traktor Pro and other Traktor products.

Sudip Thiagi

I was upset with myself for not discovering your course sooner

I am very thankful for all that you have done Dano. I first purchased my Traktor in September. Between September and October, I had purchased a DJ schooling through the Stafford brothers, Master DJ Course. Sure, I was able to learn and gain new understandings through their course, but I didn't really feel like I learned anything from them. The course was $150, and I sat there thinking to myself, how in the world can I start DJing. I didn't feel as if I learned enough to even begin mixing. I continued to search the internet to learn, and luckily discovered Traktor DJ Course at the beginning of November. I asked for a refund from the Stafford Brothers, and without hesitation, signed up for Dano's class. I am being completely honest here, I learned more in three days of your course, than I did with the Stafford brothers course. I was upset with myself for not discovering your course sooner. I could not have asked for a better teacher. Dano is so smooth and professional with his work. I am able to grasp each video that went along with the e-book. Your course has given me the confidence to begin recording mixes and apply what I was able to learn from the video, within days. My learning curve jumped through the roof. It is hard to find teachers for this subject, but you helped save my life with this. I will remember this course as my journey begins to unfold. I currently am a radio DJ, and will begin to be working for a DJing event company. Aside from those two situations, my goal is to be performing live mixes at venues. I can see this possible within the next year or so, and all thanks to you. I would hope to meet you someday in life, so I could learn even more from you. You truly are changing lives. You give such clear enough details and teaching, you can turn anyone into a DJ. That anyone happened to work out with me. I loved the quote that you used in the book, because it will stick to me with everything I apply in life; A smart man learns from his mistakes, a wise man learns from others. Dano, thank you for teaching us all of your years of practice and energy. You are very inspiring. I would love to be in a position as yours, and teach whoever out there who is willing to learn. Also, Dano is unbelievably professional. I had asked for a question on how to do something, and I kid you not, an hour later, he emailed me back with a full video tutorial. I couldn't believe it. It shows how much he cares about this, and wanting to see his students thrive. I can't thank you enough.

Adam Lerschen - Radio DJ

Straight to the point

Big thanks to Dano for putting together the basics in an easy to follow tutorial to get started mixing with Traktor. I've owned my controller for over two years and made more progress in one day after watching these videos than in all the time leading up.

Rob V

Traktor DJ Course eBook on Kindle

Now available on Amazon Kindle: the complete Traktor DJ Course eBook

The links are provided solely by this site’s users. None of the files shown here are hosted or transmitted by our server. It’s large so it can fit all the content available for NEXUS 3!It features three columns for easy navigation, and displays counters for folders, categories, and presets. Signal vst free download.

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Traktor Pro 2 Manual Pdf

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