Traktor Scratch Pro 2 Distorted Sound

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This tutorial describes how to setup broadcasting in Native Instruments' Traktor (Scratch) Pro. Sign up for a FREE account first to create your own broadcast slot. Then follow the instructions below to connect Traktor and start live streaming you DJ set.
Use our Setup Wizard to connect Traktor
To make your life as easy as possible we have created a setup wizard that helps you to connect Traktor to Livesets. You only need to complete the wizard once because your settings are persistent. Here we go:

  • Log in on Livesets using your new DJ account.
  • Click on 'Broadcasting' in the top menu to start our 'Broadcast Setup Wizard'.
  • Hit the 'Configure Traktor' button and follow the instructions.
  • Next; click on the 'Connection test' button and again follow the instructions.
  • When done, disconnect Traktor and you have completed the wizard.

Traktor Scratch Pro 2 Distorted Sound Effects

Jul 29, 2009  a note from the editor. Timecode records are an amazing technology but sometimes their performance can be a fickle beast. DVS systems like serato and traktor scratch are subject to a wide number of variables including noise interference, cartridge quality and turntable calibration just to name a few. Its not uncommon to show up to. Feb 11, 2013  Howzit guys. I am having problems with the sound coming from my setup. Here is a run-down of my setup:. Numark Mixtrack Pro. Traktor Pro software. Hybrid B1600 stereo club amp (similar to a Behringer EP2500 in terms of power output). 2 X 15inch Wharfedale Pro XVPX15’s. Dec 14, 2018 When I plug in the usb to my Z2 mixer,the load is going into red on traktor scratch pro 2 and the sound is distorted when music is played. Traktor scratch pro 2. May 09, 2010  ThudRumble posted a video this weekend of Qbert comparing the scratch response of Serato Scratch to Traktor Scratch. Predictably, there was little real difference between the two systems as both performed really well compared to traditional vinyl. With only a few minor performance differences between the 2 DVS leaders, most viewers were probably still left. Mar 14, 2019  Serato DJ Pro General Discussion DDJ-SX2 Sound quality on Serato Pro 2.0. The sound quality has improved with Serato Pro 2.0. I'm 100% sure. There is a song I was listening hundred of times and I play that song very often. I checked the soundquality for the last time with 1.9.10 and upgraded to 2.0. Anyway, Traktor Scratch DVS is really. Tracks sound slowed down and distorted? Hi all, I'm a beginner and have been having problems with my traktor when playing songs. I'll que a track, play it and it sounds slowed down and distorted?

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Traktor Scratch Pro 2 Software

That's it, you are now ready to broadcast your DJ set live from Traktor!
We suggest you add a few test sessions first to get familiar with Livesets.

Before we get into this controversial subject of just how bad a singer you have to be to use auto tune, we might first explain exactly what auto tune is and how it works. It’s worth while explaining this to understand why it’s used by people who would normally sound like a cat that’s having its tail pulled. Why we need to stop using auto-tune on singers.

Please note:

Traktor Scratch Pro 2 Review

  • We broadcast all Traktor live streams in mp3 and ogg Vorbis format.
  • Broadcasting is only available in Traktor Pro and Traktor Scratch Pro.
  • When Traktor fails to connect, the broadcast button in Traktor will blink.
  • If you experience any difficulties, read the additional help below, or our Traktor Tech FAQ.

Traktor Pro 2 Distorted Sound

Howzit guys.
I am having problems with the sound coming from my setup. Here is a run-down of my setup:
• Numark Mixtrack Pro
• Traktor Pro software
• Hybrid B1600 stereo club amp (similar to a Behringer EP2500 in terms of power output)
• 2 X 15inch Wharfedale Pro XVPX15’s
The L & R rca’s from the Mixtrack Pro soundcard is connected directly to the channel A and B XLR inputs on my amp and the amp is running in stereo mode. In Traktors “mixer” menu I generally set headroom on the “none” setting and the “limiter” is activated.
Problem: due to the fact that bass doesn’t sound as good as it can when all my EQ knobs are on the halfway mark I turn the bass all the way to max. The speakers have no problem at all with this and they play beautifully however Traktor master control level indicator keeps hitting the red when I up the master volume and then it limits the midrange and treble frequencies resulting in a muffled sound output. If I leave the master volume down then the sound is good but way too soft.
I have tried reducing the master volume in Traktor to prevent the Traktor master level from hitting the red and thus limiting the frequencies and I turn up my amp gains instead but because Traktors master volume hits red so easily due to the bass EQ knob being turned to the max, I have to pull the master volume so much that my amps gains needs to be turned up close to ¾ of the way and even then the sound does not sound great. It is dangerous as well because should anyone come and push up the Traktor master, my speakers will be on their way to heaven.
The bass kicks really nicely at max on the EQ knob in Traktor with limiter preventing distorted signal but the fact that it limits all other frequencies at the same time is annoying. When Traktor master is hitting limiter and I turn down the bass EQ then a loud burst of mid and hi comes through and when I turn the bass back up the mid and hi gets limited and sounds muffled again but the bass thumps nicely.
If I turn all my EQ’s to the halfway mark I can up the Traktor master quite far and the sound is really loud and clean but lacks a lot of bass. Crank up bass and limiter comes and spoils the show. If I switch the limiter off then the bass distorts easily. It seems the beast bass is at max low EQ with limiter activated.
So what do I do? Do I get a better sound card? Do I get an external mixer to up all the frequencies without Traktor knowing this ie: keeping knobs on halfway mark in Traktor while cranking up the frequencies on the mixer? Do I get an active cross over???
Apologies for the long read. Your help will be much appreciated.
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